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  1. Hi All, I could create costume headgears on basis on the information from rathen wiki. (2^10) 1024 = Costume Upper headgear (2^11) 2048 = Costume Middle headgear (2^12) 4096 = Costume Lower headgear (2^13) 8192 = Costume Garment/Robe These are for either upper or lower or top headgears. But my doubt is how will i make a Middle - Lower headgear as Costume Middle - Lower Headgear. Please guide me how to do so Thanks Charon
  2. Happy belated born day Sir Emistry
  3. Hi @Euphy First of all thanks a lot for all your scripts Sir. I tried using your hunting mission script which comes along with the svn and had some problem with the working of the script, so i decide to get the latest from your script release section but still facing the same issue. The problem is that even though i kill a single monster it counts 28 kills, so basically if i need to kill 54 female thief bug in order to complete one set, i only have to kill 2 female thief bug since a single kill is counted as 28 kills. Could you please let me know why is this happening. Also a question about the disguise event, even though i have set it for 5 rounds it will do 10 rounds. Is is scripted to have minimum of 10 rouns?
  4. Could you help me out with the final script since i am facing the same problem
  5. Hi All, Sorry to make this post but i have searched forum for help and couldn't do it properly. I am trying to duplicate Valkyrian Armor[1] just to make the item account bound and non trade able. I am using SVN 17704 and the latest Client. The steps that i followed for this is as follows. Updated the System/itemInfo.lub file with the new item ID [19122] = { unidentifiedDisplayName = "Armor", unidentifiedResourceName = "¿ìµç¸ÞÀÏ", unidentifiedDescriptionName = { "Unidentified item, can be identified with [Magnifier].", }, identifiedDisplayName = "Valkyrian Armor", identifiedResourceName = "¹ßÅ°¸®ÀÇ°©¿Ê", identifiedDescriptionName = { "A set of shining white armor worn by Valkyries, the battle maidens that serve the god Odin.", "All Stats + 1", "Indestructible (except in upgrade attempts).", "[^008800Mage, Archer, Acolyte Class^000000]", "Increase resistance to ^880000Silence^000000 status by 50%.", "[^008800Swordman, Merchant, Thief Class^000000]", "Increase resistance to ^880000Stun^000000 status by 50%.", "[^000088Valkyrie Helm & Valkyrja's Armor & Valkyrja's Manteau & Valkyrja's Shoes Equip Set^000000]", "Class :^777777 Armor^000000", "Defense :^777777 55^000000", "Weight :^777777 280^000000", "Applicable Job :^777777 Every Rebirth Job except High Novice^000000", }, slotCount = 1, ClassNum = 0 }, Then updated the item_db.txt in pre-re and finally updated the item_trade.txt When i try to create item it says item id not found, can some one please tell me what i am doing wrong
  6. I am facing this wired problem in woe characters don't come out after dying the are at the same place where they die in the castel. Please help what is wrong.
  7. i did run setup as admin nothing happened. Did with compatibility also nothing happening
  8. Hi, Firstly Sorry I don't know if this is the right section to post this topic. Few of my players including me have problem playing ragnarok in windows 8. The screen size option in setup is not to be seen. I did try to search about this and found out something like to edit the optioninfo.lua file and add width and height but dosen't help. Please if any one could guide me then would be great Is there no way that we can play RO on windows 8
  9. Sir Thank You For The Reply but I Have Followed The Steps As Given In The Link. I Had Added Custom main Town And After Few Months My Payers Wanted @go To Town So I Try'd Adding It But It Isnt working. I Have My Custom Map So i Have Made The Changes In maps_athena and map_index also cache. Still Not Working.
  10. i am having the same problem can some one help
  11. How To Disable Use Of Link During Woe As In Player With Link Wont Be Able To Enter Agit And Also How To Disable Usage Of Ygg Berys In Agit. Please Help:)
  12. - script News -1,{ end; OnInit: while(1) { setarray [email protected]$[0], "Welcome", "Support Us By Writing Review About Us On RMS", "Double Exp And Double Drops Going On"; announce [email protected]$[rand(getarraysize([email protected]$))],0; sleep 300000; } end; what is wrong with this i am getting error on 1st line
  13. Oh thanks for the info:)
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