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  1. Already tried; 1) clientinfo.xml = server-PC1) & PC-2) 2) clientinfo.xml = server-PC1) & PC-2) But my PC-2 still says "Failed to connect to server" eventhough it can see that the server already has (1 player) on it.
  2. @Anacondaqq Thank you so much for making this pack, it's really easy to install and play but I just got a question regarding this offline Lan connection. I already tried editing this clientinfo.xml. It can connect easily for my server-PC but when i connect my PC-1 to this server pc, I can see that there is already 1 person on the server but when I tried to connect it says "Failed to connect to server" and connection closed. We're using a direct connection Lan cable from server-PC to PC-1. using for server-PC and for PC-1. Hoping for your response on this. Thanks mate!
  3. Hi everyone, I badly need your help with on how to make an Offline Lan connection for a Lan cable directly connected on my PC-1 and PC-2. Can anyone please give me a step by step guide for this. I downloaded all the files from here Thanks!
  4. Hi Freya, sorry for the bother, just want to ask if you already solved this problem? I'm also encountering this problem now. Thanks!