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  1. trickzjen23

    Getting segmetation fault

    Hello ladies and gents, I hope you will be able to help. I am getting segmentation fault, unable to connect to char server. This is the core dump. #0 0x0000000000430b93 in chrif_authreq (sd=0x7752050) at chrif.c:563 #1 0x000000000043fc7b in clif_parse (fd=5) at clif.c:15066 #2 0x000000000052cedc in do_sockets (next=<value optimized out>) at socket.c:922 #3 0x000000000052a1d3 in main (argc=1, argv=0x7ffde02199e8) at core.c:262
  2. How to disable trade if the character is vending?
  3. trickzjen23

    How to increase buying store price?

    I changed this and recompile my server. Still could not pass the 99,999,000 zeny limit in game. Any solution?
  4. trickzjen23

    WoE Show Emblem All The Time

    I wanted to request if possible. When a user goes to GVG On maps something will shows up on his/her head even if their guild hasn't set emblem.
  5. trickzjen23

    How to increase buying store price?

    Currently the maximum price I can enter for my buying store is 99,999,000. Is there a way to increase this limit?
  6. trickzjen23

    Party vs Party cell bug.

    Hello developers, please help me. i am trying to figure out why the PK cell needs to use /ns or holding shift to cast a final strike to the other party. Some other users are able to attack without /ns. It's really weird. I was trying to make certain cells to be pvp enable. not PK but partied users shouldn't be able to attack each other. Everything is working but some users are required to use /ns to attack. this is what's on my battle.c if( !state ) //If not an enemy, nor a guild, nor party, nor yourself, it's neutral.
  7. trickzjen23

    Segmentation fault

    Hello devs, I hope you guys would still be able to help me since rAthena is forked from eAthena. My servers crashes and this is what the gdb says. This is what it says My battle.c line 350 is this How can i prevent it to crash? please help and thank you in advance!
  8. trickzjen23

    Display for no emblem set.

    Display some emblem when a user didn't set the emblem.
  9. Hello, Is it normal that the skill "Play Dead" disappears when changing equipment?
  10. Are you BrianL from eA?

  11. trickzjen23

    [Game] Casino Machine jackpot

    Can somebody explain what this array variable meant for? setarray [email protected]
  12. trickzjen23

    Mega Resist Potion undispellable?

    How to make the effect of this potion undispellable by Tarot?
  13. trickzjen23

    How to add more buttons jikpatch

    I'm looking to add more buttons to Jikpatch. vote_link1 = linktovote vote_link2 = ??? vote_link3 =??? I have my vote_link2 and vote_link3 to blank. So I added links to them and modified my file. I added ;vote_link2 button [vote_link2] xcoord=51 ycoord=123 width=51 height=53 I named the images to votelink2.bmp and votelink2_hover.bmp but they don't show up in my patcher.
  14. trickzjen23

    Mega Resist Potion modification

    How can i modify the Mega Resist Potion effect to only resist to Stun and Freeze only? the original script is resistance to the Stun, Freeze, Stone, Sleep, Silence, Blind, Curse, Poison, Bleeding, Confusion
  15. trickzjen23

    Resist potion fix?

    Coldproof Potion, earth, fire and other resist potion does actually work? could anyone please give me the fix commit link where this is got fixed? Thanks!