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  1. cashshop problem

    Try reading this i think this may help you to fix the problem https://rathena.org/board/topic/90887-cash-shop-bug-using-old-client/
  2. cashshop problem

    Deafult Shop Script: prontera,0,0,0 cashshop name id-npc,id-item:price; For Your Shop prontera,150,150,5 cashshop 836,536:20; Try that if it work
  3. Question for custom weapons

    Meron namang Custom Weapon dito punta ka sa Downloads -> Graphic Resources -> Sprites & Palettes -> Weapon & Shield Ito link nang custom weapon : https://rathena.org/board/files/category/10-weapon-shields/
  4. Help! Refiner

    yeah! thanks i fix it i remove this }else{ and replace with this } sir euphy how do edit the script like every 15 min they show up
  5. Help! Refiner

    i been searchin in rA then i saw this part mes "[smith]"; mes "Okay I'm going"; mes "to refine your Equipment"; mes "to +10,Thx for using my Service!"; next; for(set @part,1;@part<11;set @part,@part+1) if(getequipisequiped(@part)) while(getequiprefinerycnt(@part) < 10) successrefitem @part; mes "[smith]"; mes "Congrats Enjoy it!"; close; end; then i edit like this! but when i test the npc! it give me error [ERROR]: MISSING 1 right curlys at file npc/custom/test.txt how do i fix this error test.txt
  6. Help: Invisible Weapon When Attacking!

    ok.. idnum2displaynametable 15651#Cat_Paws# idnum2resnametable 15651#cat_paws# itemdb2 15655,Cats_Paw,Cats Paw,4,0,,0,175,,1,0,0x00001000,7,2,34,4,0,1,16,{ bonus2 bSkillAtk,"AS_SONICBLOW",25; bonus bAspdRate,3; },{},{}
  7. i download cat paws from sae-create when i put it in my server then whe i try it it just giving me a invisble weapon how do i fix this error
  8. Can You Help Me Here!

    could anyone can help me in this script call pvp point system but i wanna change it to item on point i try to edit this script but it just give me error! so anyone could you help me to change this script i dont want to use point i wanna use ITEM! pvp.txt
  9. Question: Askydun Map Black Tiles

    ok here you go I found it i sove the problem anyway thanks
  10. When I Found some Askydun Map but it gives me a black tiles how can i fix that Black tiles in map??
  11. Adding custom card picture?

    Make A Picture Of you card then go to data>texture>À¯ÀúÀÎÅÍÆäÀ̽º >cardbmp
  12. Request: Askydun Map

  13. How To Put Custom Armor?

    hello guys how do i add custom armor?
  14. how to recolor mvp monster

    i found some colored valkyrie item then i think to put it on my server then i want to recolor the valkyrie mvp mob cuz i want it droppable i want to color my valkyrie in to black and red but i dont know how to do it can you help me guys
  15. custom cursor

    never mind i figure it out thanks anyway on the cursor