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  1. Another question but would it be better to use the quest db for timers or is it ok with just this one?
  2. https://pastebin.com/GhsfkfWQ I got this script its working fine however If you log out with a quest still active and then log back in after the timer would've expired, you can't take a new quest. The NPC still thinks you're on the old one, and you don't gain any progress towards completion if you kill the enemy listed.
  3. Can someone help me get a script that allows me to raise an instance difficulty. At the current state renewal is in most instances can just be stomped if geared enough solo. I want to bring back the challenge for players where they can go solo or with a party to complete that specific instance that would reward them with better rewards depending on the difficulty level. So I would like to request something that has these: Able to add any instance Be able to Adjust Instance Mob HP/damage/and damage reduction based on difficulty Be able to pick difficulty from Normal,Hard,Extreme,Deadly. Option to reward items or points based difficulty.
  4. I need a script similar to this one or maybe an edit to it that enables me to take the class stones and other enchants as payment instead of just silvervine. https://pastebin.com/ipTrg1FK
  5. You have to change the values from statsperlevel if your using the new one. Its still basically the same as the old one.
  6. refine_db.txt the values are already there just compute it. // Refine Database [Pre-Renewal] // // Structure of Database: // Type,Stats per level,Random bonus start level,Random bonus value,Chance+1:Bonus+1,Chance+2:Bonus+2,Chance+3:Bonus+3,... // // For armors, values of 100 add 1 armor defense. // For weapons, values of 100 add 1 ATK. // // Type: // 0 - Armors // 1 - Level 1 weapons // 2 - Level 2 weapons // 3 - Level 3 weapons // 4 - Level 4 weapons // // Stats per level: // This value is applied for every upgrade level. // // Random bonus start level: // This value specifies the start point for those levels that give a random bonus value. // // Random bonus value: // A random number between 0 and (Random bonus start level - Upgrade level + 1) * this value is applied for all upgrades past // Random bonus start level (usually the first unsafe upgrade). This is only applied for weapons, and not displayed client-side. // // Chance: // 100 = 100% // // Notes: // Changing the number of upgrade levels requires modifying MAX_REFINE in src/map/status.h. // Armors 0,70,0,0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,60:0,40:0,40:0,20:0,20:0,10:0 // Level 1 weapons 1,200,8,300,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,60:0,40:0,20:0 // Level 2 weapons 2,300,7,500,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,60:0,40:0,20:0,20:0 // Level 3 weapons 3,500,6,800,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,60:0,50:0,20:0,20:0,20:0 // Level 4 weapons 4,700,5,1300,100:0,100:0,100:0,100:0,60:0,40:0,40:0,20:0,20:0,10:0
  7. It already has a timer just put in the number you want.
  8. Keeps displaying empty slots while also adding another item options on the list to refine what to change? setarray [email protected]$[1],"Head","Body","Left Hand","Right Hand","Robe","Shoes","Accessory 1","Accessory 2","Head 2","Head 3"; set [email protected]$,""; for(set [email protected],1; [email protected]<=10; set [email protected],[email protected]+1) set [email protected]$, [email protected]$+((getequipisequiped([email protected]))?getequipname([email protected]):[email protected]$[[email protected]]+"-[Unequipped]")+":"; set [email protected], select([email protected]$); if (!getequipisequiped([email protected])) { mes "[Basta]"; switch([email protected]) { case 1: mes "Is your head an equipment?"; break; case 2: mes "What do you want me to do?"; break; case 3: case 4: mes "Making artificial hands is not my specialty."; break; case 5: mes "Do you even know what a robe is?"; break; case 6: mes "If you want to refine your feet, don't come to me, try running a marathon."; break; case 7: case 8: mes "Where is the accessory?"; break; case 9: mes "Well... I don't see any equipment worth refining."; break; case 10: mes "I can't make you smart. Go see a school teacher for that."; break; } close; } if (!getequipisenableref([email protected])) { mes "[Basta]"; mes "Even I cannot refine this item. There's no way."; close; } set [email protected],getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]); if (getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]) < 10) { mes "[Basta]"; mes "Haven't I told you? I only refine equipments that are +10 and above."; close; } if (getequiprefinerycnt([email protected]) == 20) { mes "[Basta]"; mes "This weapon is perfect, no need to refine it anymore~"; close; } switch(getequipweaponlv([email protected])) { default: case 0: set [email protected],100000; set [email protected],6225; //HD_Carnium set [email protected]$,"armor"; break; case 1: case 2: case 3: case 4: set [email protected],100000; set [email protected],6226; //HD_Bradium set [email protected]$,"weapon"; break; }
  9. } else { dispbottom "Failed"; specialeffect2 X; //change x to the effect number you want I don't know the effect number for the exploding thing your asking atcommand "@nuke " + strcharinfo(0); } Try this replace that line below see if it works.
  10. Hi! I would like to ask if its possible to disable the mounted sprites but still gives the buff and enable skills needing mounts.I would also like it if the player can choose whether or not he wants to see the mounted sprite or not.How would this be made possible?
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