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  1. i am currently developing this kind of server, maybe you can peek my profile what server i dev. so far, for 2nd job is going fine and balance. in my server you will found "overpowered" rebirth class damage. many modification was changed by me. for this conclusions, you can't use clean rAthena for this. even you have configure which renewal and pre-renewal system turns on.
  2. Angel RO : Revo Classic

    I think my server is great revo-classic system. You have to try it. -------------------------------------------------------------- to Jholz27 : 1. We have no Facebook yet, and you are not blocked. 2. Your posts does not met the requirement. So you can't claim the reward. 3. Thank you :')
  3. Angel RO : Revo Classic

    About Us The awesome world of the first Revo Classic PS RO is here! Angel RO is the best private server for you who want to play in easier way. Build your own Revo Classic character and enjoy yourself in the legendary world with game play you can take the adventure with almost hundred of players everyday! General Information Classic x Renewal Map Episode: Einbroch Main Town: Prontera EXP Rates: 25x / 25x DROP Rates: 3x Normal Card Drop: 0.1% Mini Boss Card Drop: 0.01% MVP Card Drop: 0.01% Max Level: 99/70 Max Stats: 99 Max ASPD: 190 Max Refine: 10 Max Job: 2-2 Trans (Rebirth) Classic Spawn Monster Classic EXP Character & Monster Classic Drop Item Classic NPC & Quest Renewal Equipment Based Renewal Skill Renewal Status Revo-Classic ASPD Revo-Classic Cast Time No Renewal EXP Penalty No Renewal Drop Penalty Premium Service Enabled Features Automatic Top-up System Dual Login Dungeon Entrance Warper Extended PVP System Fishing System Instant 2nd Job Changer Open Instance Platinum Skill Quest Helper Reset NPC with Inflation Price Weekend Bonus EXP Weekend Town Invasion rAthena User Special Reward - Please Understand the Requirement Below. 1x Costume Eremes Scarf Black1x School Bag1x Ancient Elven Ear25.000 Cash Point100.000 Zeny With requirement : You have to write your review here, and your rAthena account must be min. 100 posts. Just claim it by PM our GM in Game. Ceres / Kazu / Enthusiast. LINKS ► Website: http://angel-ro.com/ ► Forum: http://forum.angel-ro.com/ ► Discord: https://discord.gg/mZvJYUh ► LINE: https://goo.gl/Rf5r7J ► Instagram: https://goo.gl/LUiVTv ► RateMyServer: https://goo.gl/1w7mYm ► rAthena: https://goo.gl/AovsXv Screenshots