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  1. Sorry , i was thinkin that both accounts get the error... just figured it out this morning. Ty for fix and great job by the way
  2. Your demo shows the error too. Go to it, acess the "test2" user account and see for yourself. The ADM account works fine, but not the player one.
  3. Hi people !! I was trying to increase my homunculus movspeed ,reduce distance between us and his range in basic attack. How could i do that ?
  4. But that is using another software... i just want a example with a commandline , on how to use it.
  5. Would you please give me a exemple about packet simulation ?
  6. Hi guys, im having such an issue about my hotkey... Im actually trying to place my learning skills to my hotkey, automatically. When i learn, for example, Fireball, it goes automatically to my Hotkey 1# spot... how should i do that ? And what if i have more than 2 homunculus, that makes it more easy ? i dont want to set their skills on my hotkeys everytime that i change then
  7. But that will get only the charname and how i can adapt it to use CharId instead ?
  8. How can i put the CharID ( That one from MySQL table ) on itemname ? Example: "9520 - Red Potion".
  9. This may be right but is for homunculus that i want @str refers to an SQL value that store my homunculus str point. I want To increase it 10%
  10. Hi i'm trying to get 10% of my variable value but my emulator keeps getting error.. i was trying this: but it still getting me error, can anyone help ?
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