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  1. Hello, I'm using PACKETVER 20140416 PACKET_OBFUSCATION is activated and your keys are properly configured. I can log into the game. the error when trying to use any skil l I'm disconnected from the server and this msg appears in the map-server log [Warning]: clif_parse: Received unsupported packet (packet 0x6375, 4 bytes received), disconnecting session # 3. [Info]: Character 'asfdasfas' logged off. can anybody help me? all help is welcome thanks.
  2. I changed in the battle folder my battle_athena.conf //-------------------------------------------------------------- // rAthena Battle Configuration File // Originally Translated by Peter Kieser <[email protected]> // Made in to plainer English by Ancyker // Splitted up into multiple files by Skotlex. //-------------------------------------------------------------- //General battle-related settings. import: conf/battle/battle.conf //Settings specific to the client. import: conf/battle/client.conf //General drop-related configs. import: conf/battle/drops.conf //Experience rates, exp penalties, stats and max level settings. import: conf/battle/exp.conf //GM levels, atcommands and hack-related configs. import: conf/battle/gm.conf //Guild and WoE settings import: conf/battle/guild.conf //Battleground settings import: conf/battle/battleground.conf //Item/card-specific and crafting related options. import: conf/battle/items.conf //Mob related configuration import: conf/battle/monster.conf //Party related configuration import: conf/battle/party.conf //Pet related configuration import: conf/battle/pet.conf //Homunc related configuration import: conf/battle/homunc.conf //Player specific settings import: conf/battle/player.conf //Skill related settings import: conf/battle/skill.conf //Status change related settings import: conf/battle/status.conf //Feature control (on/off) settings import: conf/battle/feature.conf // Anything else that didn't fit anywhere else. // Includes duel, day/night, mute/manner, log settings. import: conf/battle/misc.conf //Your custom config goes here. import: conf/import/battle_conf.txt
  3. yes EDIT: Drops.conf are also patterns even when changed *Floating_rates.txt is offline
  4. How can I fix it? thanks
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