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  1. Hi, How do i configure the mobs which appear in the castle during WOE? Can i use Pet during WOE? How do i configure so the pet can attack the enemies?
  2. Hi Santa Poring, what is your account username? Where do you login from? From the website? or your own client? Try to login from the URL. is this your username: adrian2525 ? I have enable it already.
  3. thanks for the guide but i found nothing on config on disable the script. Do you mean to delete the script or change any config files? So if i use the new WOE the command is still agitstart and it will follow the time of the war? and how do check the time for WOE using command ? i check my server there is NO WOE Hours has been set. What is the command to start the WOE HOURS?
  4. How do i register a caslte and make it work for WOE and how do i start the war too? Anyone can give guide on this?
  5. the 624 is for sprite of the npc id?
  6. thanks iraciz is there a way i can duplicate this kafra in the map?
  7. Katazui you can try access my server . You can try register an account i can give you GM access so you can do some testing. Hi, After applying ANTI-SPAM and BOTS security now, im republishing my robrowser server address http://atlantic.wavetune.com . To register please use this URL: http://atlantic.wavetune.com/atcp/?module=account&action=create Current Setup ------------------ 1) Can be played in Android browser but have bug in ios browser 2) Can be played in Windows Browser 3) FIX Map at Izlude Academy for Job Training 4) Faster loading for grf files or extracted files Anybody want to join as Developer and develop robrowser to a new level do let me know and i'll be happy to sponsor the work and project.
  8. Hi, I'm starting up a new project based on ROBROWSER. Currently i have successfully setup robrowser. You do not need to upload or download grf to play, just login and play the game via the web browser. Server address: (PM Me due to spam to server i will not disclose the server address) Here i got some new idea and suggestions for the new project: 1) To fix the MAP and Chat dialog box for NAVIGATIONS in the robrowser 2) To create some small game with own made sprites for characters and maps 3) To enable any functions currently not available in the robrowser client. Willing to invest on this project and make it open source. Anyone who like to join the project do let me know but must be really good in programming and experience in developing ragnarok eclients/emulator.
  9. Thanks for the replies, Where can i exactly check this sprite id?
  10. Hi, Anyone can help? I have problem in my kafra script. Error messages "Invalid NPC Constant" 'kaf_iz_ac01'. Can Anyone help? //== AcademyKafra ============================================= iz_ac01,102,36,4 script Kafra Employee::kaf_iz_ac01 4_F_KAFRA5,{ cutin "kafra_05",2; mes "[Lady Academy]"; mes "Hiya...?"; mes "Welcome, Namaste"; mes "I'm here to help teleporting you to the training room"; mes "Are you ready? Let's go..."; next; switch(select("Acolytes","Geisha Room")) { case 1: warp "iz_ac01", 121, 30; end; case 2: warp "iz_ac01", 160, 30; end; cutin "",255; end; }
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