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  1. so far i got a log in screen but i'm at a loss, on what authentication i need id imagine its md5, and how to send the login information, all i need at this point is a reference to what commands i need to send from my program to communicate with rathena, been using cheat engine to sift through packets from the official client but holy crap there is a ton of em.
  2. design well design inst really an issues specialy with a game like this i could crank out sprite all day long with eas, i would use the same process i use for my flash games, make the model in blender or 3ds max and export as a picture simple decent looking and quick, and makes animations so much easier and smoother depending., the only language i somewhat handy in is c++ and that's only because of the unreal engine, as for other game engines, unity is just a no in my book not going into why, and about the only other engine available to me are, hero engine maybe? not sure what the deal is with the license atm, torque engine but its mainly a FPS, and i don't know to many more outside of that, and again id be right back to where i am starting on creating the huge backed that is needed for a mmo, This is why im kind of adamant on having rathena as the backed and gutting the client or just recreating a new one to avoid the legal issue of it being their content, then all i'm doing at that point is just making a game and hooking it into rathena, this would let me spend most of my time on the actual content of the game cause the back end is there, i got effects i can use, stat points, skill system, pet system, item storage, authenticating, etc.... saving me from a massive amount of workload. idk maybe i just didn't phrase my question good enough and after proof reading sorry if i come of a bit mean i don't mean to. guess at this point i need to figure out if i can just gut the content of the game, or build a client fro scratch and where to start that.
  3. so where do i begin building a new exe what language is it in ? what commands for input and the commands for output? am i limited to the same language for the client could i build it in another language? what would i need to dissect to client to get a reference how everything is handled?
  4. Hi there , My older brother is a moderator for a private server and after questioning him about something he agreed to let me use his account to post a quick legality questioning about the Ragnarok client. I'm currently a high school student and i have always been interested i game design well more so of just making my own mmorpg, there lots of engines out there but allot of em would require months of coding to get to where i want, and to make this long story short my brother was messing around one day on Ragnarok only to find out he's not even playing a legal server, and the rest of that conversation landed me here. and well after checking the game out and everything its pretty much what i'm looking for back end wise, and my question i need answered is, if i gutted all the sprites and images out of the client and replaced them with my own, and even changed the classes, would this still be illegal for me to distribute and sell? or if not would it be possible to create my own client from scratch? if so could someone point me in a direction to where i could begin? what programming language would the client have to be in? and possibly a list of on the commands i can send to the server? i know doing this will take time but that's ok i got 4 years of high school left, and next year i get to go to vocation school for graphic design rather than being at school all day, and i think if i could get started on this now it would be a great project to work at until the end of my schooling,
  5. Guess I'll start off with , Is there no way around crafted weapons not having their slots hijack by the information from Star crumbs and elements? Like maybe have that information stored to something new for the weapon? Maybe have it hijack the card name display? e.x Panic Robe. Possible to increase the material slots for star crumbs? and for mainly why i am here. Would it be possible to have other items added in to the part where you put in star crumbs? Like say I put 200 feathers of bird in a slot, in return i would craft a main gulch with 3% increase attack speed. and possibly maybe having it so if you put more elemental stones in it would make it a lvl 2 elemental weapon? how ahrd would it be to implement something like this? and where even where to begin. I have been just making weapons you can forge with preset affects but with elements and everything else i'm having to add insane amounts of items for all the different affects. and feel i would be way better off creating a system where you could add materials and get a desired affect or two. just really need to get a bit of a handle where to begin i been looking over the code for the smith skills, and possibly how it is structured cause i see there are two different files for the skills, one seems to setup for variables and the other execution of the skills. My biggest problem right now is i see where the code detects the star crumb, just not where the star crumb affect is applied i feel if i could find this i could maybe setup preset affects and have it detect various items and apply that affect to the forged weapon. Thanks in advance, i'm not to worried about my first two questions just really would like to figure something out for the 3rd.
  6. IRO is on maintenance, and me and a couple friends wanted to play on a privet server of are own to test some stuff, and im having a little trouble getting there i went through the documents and cant connect it jsut sits there till dc on my local machine, and i would like help figuring otu what i need to do next to get it to work Ill start off with im using a router to get internet from my neighbors router, we split the bill each month and i already asked him if i could do this and have access to his router to. he has a netgear and i got a netgear flashed with ddwrt on his route i have this in the port forwarding section 1 rathena3 5121 5121 5121 5121 2 rathnea2 6121 6121 6121 6121 3 rathena 6900 6900 6900 6900 The is my router IP that relieves internet from his router its settings are Router NameDD-WRT Router ModelTP-Link TL-WR841ND v8 LAN MAC C WAN MAC F Wireless MAC C WAN IP LAN IP and im forwarding on every port on my router Forwards Application Start End Protocol IP Address Enable TCP UDP Both Whatsmyip states my ip is this is the ip i been going off of but my ddwrt router states and these are my config files Char_athena // Windows filenames \/:*?"<>| // ... or else guild emblems won't work client-side! server_name: rAthena // Wisp name for server: used to send wisp from server to players (between 4 to 23 characters) wisp_server_name: Server // Login Server IP // The character server connects to the login server using this IP address. // NOTE: This is useful when you are running behind a firewall or are on // a machine with multiple interfaces. login_ip: // The character server listens on the interface with this IP address. // NOTE: This allows you to run multiple servers on multiple interfaces // while using the same ports for each server. //bind_ip: // Login Server Port login_port: 6900 // Character Server IP // The IP address which clients will use to connect. // Set this to what your server's public IP address is. char_ip: // Character Server Port char_port: 6121 MAP _Athena // Character Server IP // The map server connects to the character server using this IP address. // NOTE: This is useful when you are running behind a firewall or are on // a machine with multiple interfaces. char_ip: // The map server listens on the interface with this IP address. // NOTE: This allows you to run multiple servers on multiple interfaces // while using the same ports for each server. //bind_ip: // Character Server Port char_port: 6121 // Map Server IP // The IP address which clients will use to connect. // Set this to what your server's public IP address is. map_ip: // Map Server Port map_port: 5121 subnet // Subnet support file // Format is: // subnet: net-submask:char_ip:map_ip // you can add more than one subnet (max 16) // check is if((net-submask & char_ip ) == (net-submask & servip)) => ok subnet: Subnet: subnet: and my XML ip is set to everythign runs fien jsut cant conenct and i dont know w hat i am missing, im niot woried about inter_athena, its only going to be me and friends just a little update, i now have the netgear router forwarding those port to my server pc ip adress, still cant connect, im waiting for my friend to get home and try and connect also
  7. when i open the iteminfo.lub with notepad++ its all garbled encryption, no i dont think i diff my client to read lua file instead of item info, when i select that option it says patch canceled new value same as old ok i figured it out, i was not paying enough attention, the path to read the lua files before the lub was set to , System/iteminfo.lub instead of iteminfo.lua, everything is in enlish . once again thank you for your time!!
  8. I redownloaded that Translation you provided after a pc restart and making sure i have Translate Client( Recomended) Check When diff pacting, the sprite names are gone but now is in korean haha, i went to check my xml it got set to type 46 and language 0, i switched it back over to 55 and 1 and the names went back to the sprite names, i then changed my language in the xml to 0 and the names went back to korean. so im not to sure if im getting the wrong language number or im missing something really simple. once again thank you for your time and effort oh and all the npc and menus are in English
  9. yes i checked those to, i just solved it , i had to turn off obsfucution in my server files, and disable encryption on my client, i have succeslully loggs in, thanks to you help Now, every item is in it sprite name i believe, like a knife is has bunch of symbols for its display name, i image its my lua files causeing this
  10. Thank you for your reply i will give that a try and let you know how it went, , sorry for not being more spacific in whats steps i taken to get to this point. the guide i followed was i will get back to you soon as i take the steps you have provided me, thanks again Alrighty got everything setup, Now i just get rejected from server, only thing my console give off on start up is everything is set the same in map and char_ethene, roo an same password as my server, i even have a user named ragnarok on my sql server with the same password
  11. So im not sure i am new to this so sorry in advance. but server runs fine. i have not been past the character screen yet, i started with exe 2015-09-16aRagexe_patched when i use that it does not display a character at all, it well let me create one but will not show it in the select screen it just show bland slot and wants me to create one even though there is one already in that spot, my rathena is compile for 45 but the pack_db says 46, i tried both with same resaults, when i use 2015-11-04aRagexe_patched, after enter my password then my pin it gives me a sprite error on char select, i created a new account with no characters and i get this sprite error cannot find file : sprites\uu+a'\aoe\32\summoner_32.act on the char screen with no chars , im not sure what to do at this point, i ahve the latest server files from github, and those are the latest clients i am able to find, i dont know what to do at this point so im turning here for guidence