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  1. Hi I just want to ask how to add shadows/glow to sprites? What I mean is for example I have a black ball, I'd like to add a glow effect to it. In photoshop it looks great. But when I add it in game it takes the color of the background too the should be transparent. Any ideas? I'd like to have an effect like in the meteor storm sprite where the meteors are color red but slightly transparent. thanks!
  2. logser-sql.bat yung sql error mali yung value/format na nilagay mo sa login database sa birthdate then palitan mo yung version ng 30 sa clientinfo
  3. Thanks for letting me know! Well, you mean in order to make the ball move, I need to make a single image that includes the 6 balls in one picture that is positioned like how i would position it in actor? Looks like alot of work. Well, Thanks again!
  4. Any idea whats the problem here? Im trying to make the sprite. Everything looks good on actor but ingame it gets different. pls see gifs attached
  5. I just want to ask how can I solve this problem? Pls see image attached. In the image, in the costume tab, the equipment is showing on the head instead of the mouth. On the other image, the character is shown and the card is on the mouth. Everything works great except the preview for the costume tab. Anyone knows how to fix this? thanks!
  6. @Helly Hi! I made progress now I can equip, drop, and use my custom item. I made it as a "Costume" item and it works. BUT I can't load the sprite. everything is working fine except that. I can equip and unequip it. It reads the textures and stuff but the sprite doesnt appear equipped on the character. So it's like im not wearing anything. Any idea where I was wrong? I set everything right for accname.lub, accessoryid.lub, and iteminfo.lub but it cant seem to fine my sprites for male characters. I made the file name "³²_" with this for male folder.
  7. I used the Grf Editor, I can see the lub files but I can't edit them. It says they're read only files. Any idea about that? Thanks! Yeah you cant edith there you must extract it, edit it and add it again(first erase the older one and save and then add the new edited and save) Will do. Thanks you're the best!
  8. Thank you very much. I'll look in to in and get back here if anything comes up! I used the Grf Editor, I can see the lub files but I can't edit them. It says they're read only files. Any idea about that? Thanks!
  9. I added some sprites to my data.grf. So i opened it and added some info to my lub files. after editing i use grf builder to make the data folder go back to data.grf file. Now item names became korean and I don't know why. Did I miss a step when using grf builder to maintain the english names? And what do you call the gibberish text on the sprite names? im having a hard time naming my sprites because of it. Thank you very much.
  10. This is done for Lazy people like you. dont knw how to use search engine. Waiting for feed as what use example. School is a place for learning. Schools have teachers. Schools have students. Students have 0 knowledge. Teachers have 99% knowledge. Teacher teaches students. Students gain knowledge. Simple right? based on what you said. School is a place for learning. Schools have books. Learn by yourself. Don't ask questions or you're lazy. What's the point of having this part of the forums if you can't ask questions and think every noob question does not deserve an answer. Just because you know the answer, you expect everybody to know it too by googling it for a while. Can you learn all programming languages on your own? Can you learn mathematics and all formulas on your own? OF COURSE! We'll see how long and how deep your understanding will be. That's why we ask questions from those who know the answer if we're stuck. We ask help to ask for guidance. I tried to google, I tried to search but everything I read I don't understand and you assumed I didn't do anything. Your arrogance sir, is overflowing. I'm done with steps 1-3 and i can log-in as a gm. Thanks for your answer. Now I know I can really host in my laptop. Patched ragexe is enough and patcher is just an option. And port forwarding is the way to do it. So I'll read more on port forwarding and how to do it on my router. Thanks again!
  11. So what did you do @neXus? How did you make your server from offline to online. This is my problem too.
  12. So i was able to remove all after cast delays and now I can spam almost all the skills. But i just have one problem for example Magnus from the priest skill. If I cast magnus it will hit 10x at level 10 right? Now when I cast 5 magnuses on the ground, it should hit 50x right? but why is it only hitting 10x like theres only one magnus on the ground? is it possible to change that? And about asura, i can spam zen-fury-zen very fast with no delay but once i try asura there is a skill has failed. this only happens after casting zen. zen->asura has a skill has failed thanks to those who will help
  13. So, i've set up my server and now i can log in and roam around do some gm commands and stuff. Now, I don't know what to do. Is it possible to host the private server i made using only my laptop so a few of my friends can play with me? if yes, do I just send them the whole folder I made with the patched ragexe just copied and pasted? sorry if this is a noob question. I've been trying to make a private server for weeks, now it's done the only thing I need is to host it on my computer like a test server then play with my friends and then in the future maybe expand. I'd like to do what other private servers do in installing. Like most of them makes the players Download kRO->Download Client/patcher and extract to kro folder. Now i dont know how to make the installer for the client/patcher. And someone told me something about port forwarding. Thank you.
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