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  1. So there is bug with some ranged skills that they just ignore my skill_db range set, like this https://gyazo.com/ce0fa57e6e3cb455da48badbc4139757 those r all the references of that gif skill, bute there is other examples
  2. prontera,142,190,5 script Stalker 2225,{ mes "Which skill you need me to cast on you ?"; set [email protected], select( implode( .SkillName$, ":" ) ) - 1; mes "Selected "+ .Skillname$[ [email protected] ]; close2; npcskill .SkillID[ [email protected] ], .SkillLv[ [email protected] ], 130, 99; if( .SkillID[ [email protected] ] == 421 ) { sleep 3000; movenpc strnpcinfo(0),142,190; } end; OnInit: setarray .SkillID,14,19,20,421; setarray .SkillLv,10,10,10,7; setarray .SkillName$,"Cold Bolt","Fire Bolt","Lightning Bolt","Fly Kick"; end; } so im using this npc to copy skills its 2013 script and have some issues like, fly kick does not hit the target,(and multiple player can use and bug the npc which can be fixed by kicking the player after cast the skill), there is any other away? to pass skills or make fly kick hits im using rAthena last release and renewall system also i read this file about npc stats level stats which the max is 130 https://github.com/rathena/rathena/issues/2681 but still missing the skill
  3. hi, im new here and i wanna know why i can`t donwload files, sorry if i post in wrong area
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