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  1. Instance Scripts

    I'm having a problem with the default Instance-based scripts of rathena... All of the instance quests are affected ( ET, Sealed Shrine ) On ET It's giving me a duplicate error, while sometimes it doesn't give the warp. On Sealed Shrine, some NPCs don't appear and even crashes my map server. I'm on RAthena r16082 Is there anyway to fix these?
  2. Storm gust edit

    Thanks! just what I needed!
  3. Storm gust edit

    Is it possible to remove the 300% freeze chance of the 3rd hit of Storm gust? So that it won't freeze everyone on the 3rd hit. Thannks~!
  4. Manage Skill Damage [2.1]

    Can this be applied to skills like EDP?
  5. help me about cannot see other person aura

    I have this problem too, using 07-30 client, it shows aura on lvl 99 but not over it. I have set everything in src and conf folder.
  6. Manage Skill Damage [2.1]

    Hi, welcome to RAthena, to apply this source, you can apply it via Tortoise SVN, or just open the patch file and manually add it to the corresponding files. It's not that hard, just copy paste or replace.
  7. GM Levels in FluxCP

    you can always look at the atcommand doc file of your RAthena folder, but if somehow you still cannot find it. Its at your trunk/doc/atcommands.txt
  8. GM Logs?

    it says atcommand picklog doesn't exist, have you executed the logs.sql?
  9. Data folder

    Thanks, have checked that out, but values are renewal, I just wanted the armor/weapon description to show pre-renewal figures.
  10. Data folder

    Does anyone have the latest pre-renewal data folder? specifically the itemdesctable.txt? Thanks
  11. Client error (20110315)

    Thanks for pointing that out, but I don't think that matters though, its only on DB whats important is the view ID, and the ID... tried it again, it tells me it can't find the spr but its looking for a .spr file with no name.. then it crashes. any help?
  12. Client error (20110315)

    Hi everyone! Im using Miruku Client w/ the Basic data folder found in the Client releases section of the forum. I have added a custom item on a test server and I got an error when i wore it. I get no problem what so ever on dragging and dropping it. Here is a sample of what I did. 1. accessoryid.lua ACCESSORY_ANGRY_EYES_BROW = 1005, 2. accname.lua [ACCESSORY_IDs.ACCESSORY_ANGRY_EYES_BROW] = "_Angry_eyes_brow", 3. sprite/¾Ç¼¼»Ç¸®/³²/³²_Angry_eyes_brow.act sprite/¾Ç¼¼»Ç¸®/³²/³²_Angry_eyes_brow.spr 4. sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/_Angry_eyes_brow.act sprite/¾ÆÀÌÅÛ/_Angry_eyes_brow.spr 5.item_db2.txt 23005,Angry_Eyebrows,Angery Eyebrows,5,20,,10,,0,,1,0xFFFFFFFF,7,2,512,,1,0,1005,{},{},{} What am i doing wrong? Thanks.