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  1. Problems with missing packet(0x77df) Anyone knows about?
  2. Shakto, do ya already find something about the langtype? Thanks for the hexed/diffs and tips. @EDIT i'm so sorry Shakto, i found the answers
  3. Gracias Ziu, estoy a recoger el script para tambien hacer la tradución, para el emulador brAthena. ok?
  4. Buenas noches Ziu, me permite recoger el script para hacer la tradución, para el emulador brAthena? Gracias.
  5. Remembering.. Cronus has changed some script commands with same function in eA. show (cronus) - mes (eA) addjob (cronus) - setjob (eA) additem (cronus) - getitem (eA) And others... Why be different? If they really cares with eA community, doesn't would change this function .-. well, this is my the last post.
  6. Sorry but just take a look at the projects. brAthena is more developed, newest, secure. We don't need attack another project to make us better :/ Neither forge a attack by a server to make a "fight" with emulators. Take a look and just reflect about. How can you be so immature? Everything is resolved, you just want power. It's better add the redirect to brAthena and close this topic, i agree with Protimus... This one shame for Brazilians. @JGuy Sorry for this stupid topic, this is a really shame for Brazilians