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  1. Spamming "Hello" PMs to both regular members and staff earns yourself an account ban. Good job /no1 

  2. I'm AFK - alot.

    I've closed my shop which would give me more time for other things, but then i took on a management role in a pub i used to work in a few years ago. I'm also moving in above the pub to cut out an hours travel time each day. Until i get my office sorted my replies to PMs will be sparse to non-existent.

    The forums will continue to run as we have a great team of moderators keeping the place clean and tidy!

    Akky Out~

    p.s. inb4 "where's my payout" - the script is still running and people are still receiving their withdrawals. It's automated, no need to get all flappy if i don't reply to you personally with the exact same phrase that i've typed in response to forum topics already.

  3. Stop feeling tired. Go to bed!

    1. Ajjwidjdneidjenw


      How do you know?!


    2. Akkarin


      I am the knower of things /gg

  4. Why are you feeling confused? ?_? 


    1. AnnieRuru


      confused about which script I should make 1st :P

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