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  1. Your lua files ain't made for your 2013 client. Get some other lua files.
  2. I know this item, it causes errors too. Maybe the sprite or .act file is broken, try to open it with a sprite viewer or sth else. Your entries are correct.
  3. check your acessoryid.lub and accname.lub in the datainfo folder.
  4. You don't need the Diff 'Enable Custom 3D Bones', it causes some issues. The second problem may is, that you have no files in your data folder (or custom .grf)
  5. Hello rA-Community, I've tried to build a new .exe for my offline Server. I selected this: 2014-03-05bRagexe I was able to diff it with the NEMO Patcher, without any problems. General Diff Patcher Information I wonder why it says "Client Loaded 2014 03 03", the .exe that I use is named as 2014-03-05bRagexe Here you can check my Diffs: After applying the patches, I saved it and inserted it into my Client Folder. Then I run the diffed .exe and the Setup.exe opened. After closing the Setup.exe it opened itself again, until I stopped the task trough the task manager. I tried every Setup.exe to solve this. My Client Folder is from kRO & fully updated. But it is still the same issue. How to fix it? I expect that something is missing. The correct lua/lub files in my .grf for example. - Where can I get the correct lua files for my 2014 dated Client? Maybe the unnecessary, wrong or missing Diffs cause the problem. - Which Diffs I've to select? Am I using the right client? - Which Client is recommended and why? - Where are the differences/advantages between 2013 and 2014 Clients? I hope that you can help me to solve this, greetings ~ Noct.
  6. Wow it's 2015 and rAthena is still existing. Keep working fine and have a wonderful new year!
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