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  1. @malufett else if(sd->inventory_data[index]->type == IT_ARMOR) { int r; if ( (r = sd->status.inventory[index].refine) ) refinedef += refine_info[REFINE_TYPE_ARMOR].bonus[r-1]; if(sd->inventory_data[index]->script) { if( i == EQI_HAND_L ) //Shield sd->state.lr_flag = 3; run_script(sd->inventory_data[index]->script,0,sd->,0); if( i == EQI_HAND_L ) //Shield sd->state.lr_flag = 0; if (!calculating) //Abort, run_script retriggered this. [skotlex] return 1; } + if(sd->status.inventory[index].card[0]==CARD0_FORGE) + { + status->def_ele = (sd->status.inventory[index].card[1]&0x0f); + status->ele_lv = 1; + clif_displaymessage(sd->fd, "yes,it is here!!!"); + } } } if(sd->equip_index[EQI_AMMO] >= 0){ index = sd->equip_index[EQI_AMMO]; if(sd->inventory_data[index]){ // Arrows sd->bonus.arrow_atk += sd->inventory_data[index]->atk; sd->state.lr_flag = 2; i add it , i equip produced armor ,i can display "yes,it is here!!!" but it is not effect , how do i need to alter, can you give me a tip. or i need to add function like as "weapon_atk" in status.h struct weapon_atk { unsigned short atk, atk2; unsigned short range; unsigned char ele; };
  2. yes, i find them in GRF files ,but i find all files ,i do not find
  3. @malufett thank you very much can i answer new question? after I read 'skill_produce_mix', i find if(rnd()%10000 < make_per || qty > 1){ //Success, or crafting multiple items. struct item tmp_item; memset(&tmp_item,0,sizeof(tmp_item)); tmp_item.nameid=nameid; tmp_item.amount=1; tmp_item.identify=1; if(equip){ tmp_item.card[0]=CARD0_FORGE; tmp_item.card[1]=((sc*5)<<8)+ele; tmp_item.card[2]=GetWord(sd->status.char_id,0); // CharId tmp_item.card[3]=GetWord(sd->status.char_id,1); } else { //Flag is only used on the end, so it can be used here. [skotlex] i think , i need to find the thing that is 'tmp_item.card[1]=((sc*5)<<8)+ele;' i want to alter this part, at present, its effect is let weapon is add atk , fire status and so on. i need the effect that is let Armor is add HP or def and fire status, but it is not that damage is fire , yet it is that def is fire, so i think that 'tmp_item.card[1]=((sc*5)<<8)+ele;' is key ! but i do not understand the Usage of this , can you help me ?
  4. I find all files ,but i can't find the buff icon, so i need help who can tell me where is the buff icon
  5. I want to know where is the source of smith's producing weapon about property oh,my English is bad , i don't know how to say, let me give an example when smith is producing weapon , he need to put 'Flame Heart', 'Mystic Frozen', 'Rough Wind', 'Great Nature' and 'Star Crumb' ,like as this kind of thing. how does system determine the effect of these thing . for example , 'Flame Heart' can give fire status to weapon, 'Star Crumb' can give atk to weapon like skill's damage is in battle.c/damage , then , where is the source of smith's producing weapon about property?
  6. @lengchaileo thank you very much /kis2it is ok.
  7. @lengchaileo yes , there is " WDGSkipPacketHeaderObfuscation.dll " in " ShinsDiffPatcher -> plugins -> WeeDiffGen ". ShinsDiffPatcher is svn , too but when diff 20120618 , it does not display " Skip Packet HeaderObfuscation "
  8. I don't find " SkipPacketHeaderObfuscation " options but i can find " WDGSkipPacketHeaderObfuscation.dll " how will I add " WDGSkipPacketHeaderObfuscation.dll " ?
  9. ShinsDiffPatcher , how does it add " WDGSkipPacketHeaderObfuscation.dll" ?? i have not [ Skip Packet Header Obfuscatio ] options Client is 20120618
  10. Laugh ~~~ I want to use this mode , too. But I have not found the solution. My idea is the way that resemble "manner_system", 1 + 2 + 4 + 8 + 16.............,but i don't know to edit it
  11. I don't know whether it is a bug . I don't know whether other people has this problem , too. The first buyer is not searched . he must close buying store . reset open buying store again . then he can be searched.
  12. hey Lilith i have a problem while i buy anything in vending with any way, map server displayer error,then server restart i use 1.8.1,but it is not upgrade from 1.6 before i use 1.6,it is ok.but i change rathena version to 16096, i add 1.8.1 to svn again i think maybe i make mistake when i add to it ,so i try to find mistake but i don't find any mistake [Error] Server received crash signal ! Attempting to save all online characters ! oh ,it don't let me Send pictures T Ti i have sloved the problem . it is the megs 707 ,amount and item_name , i invert their order
  13. i want to rent a Magic Gear,but i can't find the script about it like as :setreding; setcart;
  14. they are very beautiful. can i download them? if i use them,what need i do? about copyright
  15. First,thank you very very very much. To FatalEror: Thank you for your answer, 1. i discover that it has not place for set up skill's damage.The beginning , i think that "hitrate" means the damage when where do i set up skill's damage.? = The target of status (src = self, bl = enemy) , the target is member in party or player,what do i use function. 3.I edit skill is quest, so i don't change. if skill is quest, is this matter? To Rytech: Thank you for your answer. no, i don't add a guild skill.i don't know this set like this. monster's skill ,also has this type of set,has it?