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  1. achei o primeiro bem melhor, pois tem uma suavidade no efeito do mato ali dentro. e o segundo aquele bem escuro chama mais atenção. se você quer chamar atenção pro efeito do mato fica com o segundo. se quiser mais atenção na logo por completo o segundo.
  2. @MMn_13 can be your sclientinfo, try that: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="euc-kr" ?> <clientinfo> <servicetype>brazil</servicetype> <servertype>sakray</servertype> <hideaccountlist /><extendedslot /><readfolder /> <connection> <display>your ro</display> <balloon>your ro</balloon> <desc>your ro</desc> <address>your ip</address> <port>6900</port> <version>25</version> <langtype>18</langtype> <aid> <admin></admin> </aid> </connection> </clientinfo>
  3. is possible this woe controller start Woe 2.0 too?
  4. yep, it's so amazing this shadow on new items on inventory, can you share with me the packet_db from 2012-05-15? if yes ok if no i will pay for that!
  5. @judas i'm no certainly but i have a problem and i don't know if is becouse of the new client or becouse of the emulator i'm getting problem to sell thing on a buying store of any player, i can't sell to him, i put the item do sell and click on sell and i keep with the items and the other player don't receive any money!
  6. @Judas Thank's o think it's you that made the dll so @everyone anyone know how i fix/add a favority system bar?
  7. @eVoL i get this erro too, for some how everytime i start my client i get this erro when i find a shadowtable.lua and not lub to download i will put on here @Beneado For what i see the monster hp bar doesn't work, but i'm happy becouse of the Hungry Pet/Homunculus Bar!
  8. use this rev of lua files but you will get a erro becouse this version of lua files don't have some new lua files inside but i have merge the lua files on the link with the lub files on KRO GRF! and you can download in here [DOWNLOAD]
  9. yes is possible! you just can use the same sintax of a npc that put a player account on level 1, but you will put on level 99 or GM level!
  10. for fix cart you need use the diff from scriptor to fix the cart problem and favority table too here is the link ~ New carts, Favorite item tab, EFST_SIT [Post]
  11. I will upload for you a pack with +100 Trickster Sprites for Ragnarok just wait a moment! @edit Thank's for Wait and use the gilbertobitt serviçes
  12. if i'm correctly you want reduce the number of member in a guild ? if you want reduce members on guid so made this: On src\common\mmo.h #define MAX_GUILD 16+10*6 // increased max guild members +6 per 1 extension levels [Lupus] Change it to #define MAX_GUILD 16 // increased max guild members +6 per 1 extension levels [Lupus] I think is that.
  13. Packet_db 2012-06-18aRagexeRE //2012-06-18aRagexeRE[/size][/font] 0x0078,55 0x007c,44 0x00aa,9 0x00f3,-1,globalmessage,2:4 0x0193,2,closekafra,0 0x01a2,37 0x01fd,15,repairitem,2 0x0202,5,changedir,2:4 0x022c,65 0x022d,19,wanttoconnection,2:6:10:14:18 0x0281,-1,convertitem,2:4:8:12 0x0288,-1,npcpointshopbuy,2:4:8:10 0x0289,12 0x029b,80 0x035f,6,ticksend,2 0x0360,6,clickbuyingstorereq,2 0x0361,5,hommenu,4 0x0362,6,dropitem,2:4 0x0364,8,movefromkafra,2:4 0x0368,6,solvecharname,2 0x0369,7,actionrequest,2:6 0x0437,5,walktoxy,2 0x0438,10,useskilltopos,2:4:6:8 0x0439,8,useitem,2:4 0x07d9,268 0x07e4,6,takeitem,2 0x07ec,8,movetokafra,2:4 0x0802,26,partyinvite2,2 0x0815,-1,openbuyingstorereq,2:4:8:9:89 0x0817,2,closebuyingstorereq,0 0x083c,10,useskilltoid,2:4:6 0x0856,26,friendaddrequest,2 0x0940,-1,sellbuyingstorereq,2:4:8:12 0x096a,6,getcharnamerequest,2 Download 2012-06-18aRagexeRE.exe [Thank's Judas] Fix of Cart's/Favority Table ~ New carts, Favorite item tab, EFST_SIT [Post] Lua Files Up-to-date Version [Download] ~ Use Tortoise SVN to download that! Lua Files with missing Lub Files [Download] OBS: You will need ShinsDiffPatcher[SVN] with WDGSkipPacketHeaderObfuscation.dll from earthlingz. Preview of Client!