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  1. can u tell me how to set delay for skills ...coz sonic blow and firebolt has 0 delay i wana change it
  2. i saw that its already 0 still problem ....
  3. Can u tell me where is this renewal.h file located ?
  4. my server is 99/70 so its suppose to be pre renewal because i dont have customs its like old school character stats and all have renewal stats....i have problems accessing all.... can some one guide or help me to change from rAthena to eAthena ?.....its very difficult for me to do it.... thanks in advance
  5. Guys i have been trying alot to fix this but failed....need some help to fix it i changed my mmo.h, changed client date...everything is proper but still i get this error : CHARACTER_SIZE size error!!. num 1 : CHARACTER_INFO 136 and sometime when i can enter it and i make new character it says character make is denied.... SOME HELP....(
  6. yaa that all is good...but i was playing wid ftp login a while ago.....and i guess i tried 6 to 7 times wrong password....and i m nt able to open my website...where as other players can....maybe the ip is blocked....but i cant even patch....it says failed to connect to the server.....
  7. ok i replaced lua files with new one.....and its working good now ...but when i logged in game...my customized prontera was changed to normal....how do i fix that?
  8. dude i made a client its working fine ...but i guess all player are having problem with chat , shortcut function ...cant enter in chat...cant use alt +s , alt+ e ...nothings working
  9. Guys can any1 help me how to enable multiclient...or how to workout on making multiclient ?.....Please Need Help...Thanks alot in advance
  10. Thanks.....yes i used photoshop cs5...still my server is new...hot 4 to 10 players
  11. Please rate of 10 this is my first ever server and this is my own designer first ever banner www.holy-ro.com
  12. Can some one please guide me how to make a banner for my ro?......thanks in advance ..
  13. Need Flux Simple Design CP....if any1 would like to share it for freee.....thanks
  14. need to make a patcher and i am having problem making event scripts.......tried alot but fail all d time......my server is up and running but problem with event and all ...working from 3 days ...cant find myslf to work.....the person who created server for me dsnt show up and i cant wait for him all the time.....((...very upset
  15. guys i seriously need a scripter or a developer to help me out......please add me on yahoo [email protected]