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  1. @Tyrfing thank you the Information
  2. I have Write one of the List but No answer also i try it on this way because its „graphic request“ section
  3. Hello everyone. i search for My Server a Logo + Patcher Design. i Would pay you for your work but only PayPal. You Would make this i send you a privat Message
  4. Is that exclusive for your Server Or freedownload ?
  5. Server files = newest rathena right ?
  6. Okey thank you. Also i can take once from the Link and Then diff and Then hex ?
  7. In the Link are Clients from 2015 but not the 2015-11-04. other 2015 are stable Or only the 11-04?
  8. Okey and have you a Link for 2015 Client ?
  9. Have you a Link ? is that renewal?
  10. I Would use the latest rathena Version. whats for Client i Need?
  11. Hey ho, ich hatte 2012 das letzte mal ragnarok gespielt und hab dort meinen server aufgegeben.. jtz hatte ich wieder Bock und wollte mal fragen was sich geändert hat, welchen Client ich nehm soll, ...