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  1. hi all. I badly know English, use translator! )) The problem is, I want to between monsters was pvp, absolutely at any location. Agressive monsters hit passive. Agressive monsters fighting each other. So it is with the MVP. Also I am very far in the scripting and scr, because asking for your help!
  2. Yap... Should be more carefull than usual on making this... Good Luck thanks =))
  3. Тебе нужно именно это: то есть: предмет, шансы выпадения, предмет, шанс выпадения.... ищешь ненужные ID и ставишь нужные ID. [offtop]ник больно знакомый. откуда ты ? [/offtop] Cпасибо большое, помогли разобраться. Скажи пожалуйста вот Drop1id это ID лута, а за что отвечает Drop1per ?? думаю врядли знакомы. играю на фабле
  4. Its ok dude... Im also noob.. need to learn step by step.. ^ ^ Maybe this could help you with it... http://rathena.org/board/topic/98751-requesting-custom-bossnia-script/#entry271943 I was thinking to add a item into monster which is maybe same like you want to change it... Correct me if im was wrong.. Swt... Sir emistry already post then im refreshing page then his comment appear... hahahaha **Edit** Sir Emistry... that link was dead... conf/db/re/mob_db.txt i think this sir https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/db/re/mob_db.txt guys, thank you very much, I certainly thought that in mob_db can be changed, but I didn't see how. I genuine noob
  5. hi guys help please!!! Guys I am in this case Noob full, just learning!) tell me where in the db you can change the drop on loot in a certain monster? example; remove poring jelopy, apples, a bottle, a card and put your item
  6. Ребята я в этом деле нубяра полный, только учусь!) скажите где в db можно изменить дроп в определенном монстре? наприпер; убрать у поринга джелопи, яблоки, бутылку, карту и поставить свой лут в него
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