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  1. Dairyll

    Auto mode/softbot extension

    Worked for me. It worked with a 2015 client? I expected maybe late 2013 at most in it's current state Should've typed "worked" since it's buggy depending on the client for 2015+. By the way, for early 2012 to late 2013 clients, it just stops whatever it's doing after a few minutes. Not sure what's happening there.
  2. Dairyll

    Auto mode/softbot extension

    Well I'll be damned. I didn't think we'd get to this point in RO's lifespan. Worked for me.
  3. Dairyll

    To all pinoy here having a host server

    Magkano budget mo? Meron akong alam sa Singapore na meron ng anti-DDoS.
  4. Dairyll

    Char server crash, DDOS from localhost

    Look at conf/login_athena.conf Find this: // DNS Blacklist Blocking // If enabled, each incoming connection will be tested against the blacklists // on the specified dnsbl_servers (comma-separated list) use_dnsbl: yes If it says "yes" then, change it to "no". If it already says "no", the DDoS warning is being triggered by something else. I've experienced it before, I'm still trying to recall.
  5. Dairyll

    Char server crash, DDOS from localhost

    Are you using any pre-made lists to block known spammy IP addresses? If you are, your server's IP might be included there which is triggering that error/warning.
  6. Dairyll

    Windows 10 - Client Resolution Won't Work

    Also worth a try running both the setup.exe and your client as an admin. Windows 7's UAC was so tough to work with that I ended up upgrading to Windows 10 after all its nagging.
  7. Dairyll

    Windows 10 - Client Resolution Won't Work

    Are you running the client from C:\Program Files\? Try copying everything to a folder outside of that and run it again. I've had this issue before in Windows 8 and moving everything to C:\RO fixed it for me.