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  1. i already resolve the problem. thank you for this
  2. im asking for help on how to trigger voucher ticket using VIP System ayaw ko kasi ng marami npc so im thinking na pwede gumawa ng voucher as usable item.
  3. Hi kindly closed this topic i already figured it out. im using old version of compiler. thanks for all the support.
  4. How? I dont really know how to check that.
  5. I been searching and i found this, pero hindi na resolved.
  6. Yes, nag create ako from scratch and im following the guide from youtube.
  7. 4gig 2vcore na po ung specs ng vps ko, hindi pa po ba enough yun to run a server, anyway i been experiencing this when i start the server,
  8. Im using centos 7 in ovh, meron po ba problem regarding specs ng vps sa pag run ng server?
  9. Hi all, im starting to build a server in centos vps, and im kind of confusing why is my map-server down?
  10. hi, help po dito sa "black market bulk buyer shop" pag nag sesetup na po ako ng shop tapos i ook ko na lagi nag didisconnect,,
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