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  1. I have a similar problem that the font size is smaller. I believe its a combination of windows and the client exe I have played on TalonRO and the text was fine, but I dont know what they use. I have tried a bigger font size with diffing the exe but then the font is cut off at the bottom.
  2. is it possible to tell the patcher to use 2 different exe files to start the client something like this? [settings:Executable] ;NewLogin option is used only with the support of the client and server. ;Client exe name & exe param to launch NewLogin = 0 ExeName = run01.exe ExeName2 = run02.exe ExeParam = 1rag1 becouse i have 2 different server who have the same content but different item discriptions and so they need different files for that and i can manage with 2 exe files but with normal config is it not possible to close the patcher with with the other button or when i use the other option it uses the same exe file
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