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  1. Good afternoon friends! Guys I try to put visual items in my emulator, I add the item as visual it does not appear, since if I make it normal without being visual it appears normal. Can anyone explain to me how to fix or if you have to add something to src? My emulator is Eathena and I think the most similar emulator is rathena. If anyone can support me in this would be very grateful!
  2. all, man. I tested several, Investigate, Soul break and many others and none of them received the buff.
  3. Good afternoon my friends. Could someone help me with the skill "Poem Of Bragi" her effect which would be to take some of the delay from certain skills not working at all. thanks in advance.
  4. Good afternoon. I would like to know if someone has a guild pack script compatible with eathena emulator, which can be available .. I've been testing several, but I have not had success in any ..
  5. Hello, can anyone tell me if there is any script that only changes the appearance of the transcript to 3rd? thx
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