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  1. I'm a bit rusty, but let me try ^^ query_sql "SELECT `pool` FROM `system_system` ORDER BY `pool` DESC LIMIT 3", @pool; @pool[0]; // -> value 1 @pool[1]; // -> value 2 @pool[2]; // -> value 3 query_sql "DELETE FROM `system_system` WHERE `pool`='" + @value + "'"; query_sql "UPDATE `system_system` SET `pool` = '" + @newValue + "' WHERE `id` = '1'";
  2. Sim0n's oldskool Script Collection Heyo, my name is Sim0n. Some poeple might know me from old eAthena forums. I made some scripts in the past and because I don't need them anymore, I will share them with you guys =D I will not support them in any way. So if you find a bug, you will have to fix them by yourself or ask someone else. All scripts were coded for older eAthena versions, so there might be problems. Here we go: Weapon Level System Script: WaffenLevelSystem_neu.txt A system to level up weapons. I think it wasn't finished and buggy, but I liked the idea ^^ Thief Guild Script: thief_guild.txt The only guild I finished... Inspired by The Elder Scrolls (Guilds) and Gothic (Lockpicking). As a thief you can lockpick chest, which are located over the world. Some chest are different to open and some are quiet simple. It uses the left, righ, up and down mechanism from Gothic to lockpick. That's all I can remember xD Chaos Weapons Script: ChaosWaffen_eng.txt (Eng) Bonus: chaoscastle.txt Item Data (Eng): dateien_eng.txt Item Data (Deu): dateien_de.txt Data: I think it's one of my very first scripts. You can level some special weapons and there's also some extra stuff... can't remember everything =/ GM House Script: gm_house.txt A house made for GMs with some helpfull functions for players. EMP Speed Kill Event Script: main_script.txt SQL: installation.sql It counts the time you need to kill an Emp and makes a ladder? I don't know if this is finished. PK Toplist Script: pk_toplist.txt SQL: pk_stat_sql.txt Ranks players by player kills and some other stuff... ^^ Online Counter: Script: online_counter-v_1.1.txt Counts the online time of a player. Also has an afk function and reward system I guess o.O Random Exp Quest Script: rnd_exp_quest.txt A NPC which generates random Quests. Event Manager NPC Script: event_npc.txt I think this wasn't finished... It's an Event Manager, which can start and stop various events... Map Jump Script: map_jump.txt I made this to warp through all maps. So I can find some nice ones for... stuff? Poring Pong Script: pong.txt Playing Pong with two players and Porings xD Personal Girlfriends Script: girlfriends.txt Sometimes I felt really lonely, so I made myself some girlfriend NPCs *gg*. I think, if you summoned more than one, it crashed the server xD installation.sql
  3. How the title says... do they or do they not?