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  1. vhan48 Do you know where I can download an older version? cadz That same guy. Would do this?
  2. Sorry for my English, I wanted to talk to me and we have a fully pre-renewal emulator I just need to do this? Because I wanted it gets in the EP.13.1.
  3. Only that? and type, skill these things as I do not quite understand is how I speak? I wanted the emulator as he gets up before renovation
  4. Could someone help me make my emulator is pre-renewal? No 3rd, with matk and atk right? Thank you and good afternoon. *--*
  5. it is Cassiel ... I got this error when I open the server, I can log in and play the more I wanted to get this error, how can I know? already deleted those files navi, and already spent lua decided to lub and type 2 errors most still have that. :/
  6. default s1, p1 are wrong, have checked this? Checks whether in your db are the same as configured in mapserv and logserv.
  7. 6. Create new folder and name it ‘Data Folder Translation' right-click on ‘Data Folder Translation’ folder and choose ‘SVN checkout…’ Fill this link in “url of repository” and click ok, this will download your 'data translation folder' from latest revision. After complete click ok. At this stage when the error in the tortoise, I've tried about 4 times and always download the error. ;/ Just missing it.
  8. Cassiel, I am not able to download the date guy. :/ always of an error on my tortoise, is leveling me in zip, rar? please?
  9. like, I've done the emulator run without accomplishing anything more error was wondering how do bRO a date? type which files I shot data.grf the bRO for my date? hexed 2013 and works there?
  10. Hum .. More downloads it to the station off, you have the link to the svn them for me at least download the emulator?
  11. To do more of? this emulator with bRO? or better and I switch brAthena or Cronus?
  12. Anyway .. wanted to know if I run this emulator with a client's bRO he would run cool? like I could make a date with files bRO?