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  1. zeek

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    yep thanks! I can log in now. Firewall is on, i disabled it. Does anyone know who owns OVH? They don't respond to our tickets. I wanna ask how can we access sql via browser? or other remote sql's. We can only log it in putty.
  2. zeek

    Best RO VPS/HOST

    ovh doesn't respond on our support tickets. it's been like 6 hours already anyway anyone can help us with our "failed to connect to server". Server is already running without any errors. I've set the ip address on the grf. But still failed to connect to server. what am i missing?
  3. Hi good day sir, how can i change it to weekly? And is it possible that I can add a league? For example: those who have 1 kill point up to 100 kill points is on Novice Rank, 101 kill points up to 200 kill points is on Rookie Rank and after the weekly pvp they will also get prizes. And for every kill you get +5 kills but if you die the other player snatch 5 killpoints then you lose 5 kill points.
  4. i switched to 2018-06-21 but i can't connect to the server.^ this one is 2018-05-30. I can connect tho it has prompted an error
  5. Good day sir / mam, Skill Tree Error: Shadow Chaser 2018 Client Note: I haven't touched anything. I just got grf from site. Double checked the lua files skilltree but it seems to be okay. What seems to be the problem?
  6. Where can i edit? I can't seem to find it in hex editor. Korean Characters on some jobs -Taekwon, Soul Linker, Star Gladiator, Star Emperor and Soul Reaper-
  7. I got a clean grf and error was gone. My fault.
  8. 20180530 Ragexe Auto Crash when baby jobs attack. Am I the only one?
  9. Hello, can you just reupload? SVN link not working
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