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  1. I know. Is there any other way to help me? Thanks for the help so far
  2. Dont work to me *tested* am using Svn(14952) and 2010-06-01aRagexeRE
  3. Hi, i hope i get some help with my problem. I want to crate a src where only the message gets displayed overhead like a talkie box ( important to say is.... this massage shall not get displayed in chat!!! ). but if i use "clif_talkiebox" it doesn't trigger by it self *displayed nothing thanks for any suggestions.
  4. Hi as in the Title of this topic announced, i got a problem.... It is when i send a clif_message(clif.c) with text arround in mob_dead(mob.c) it only stand for arround 1200milliseconds..... can / how can i get this time expandet so that it would be like unittalk time span of displaying the overhead text? Thanks for any of ur tips or suggestions.
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