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  1. How to add custom item in current rathena? And in hexed 2018? Thx
  2. help me ! I followed the tutorial step by step, however I have a problem. Tutorial My confg: Packets.hpp: Defines_pre.hpp help me pls! thx!
  3. help me ! I followed the tutorial step by step, however I have a problem. see: thx
  4. Truth is, I had forgotten the script. Thx a lot!
  5. Friends, I have a problem on my server. Every time I kill someone in pvp, automatically my HP and SP is recovered. What could this be? Thx!
  6. Honestly do not know, so I sought help Print:
  7. I have a problem. Everytime I try to log into the server, returns the following message in the emulator [info]: Closed connection from "". [info]: connect request - account_id: 2000000 / login_id1: 682 610 846 / login_id2: 951 199 121 [info]: sd-> version = 25 [iNFO]: Loading Date Char (2000000) In the part where I select the char What can it be? Thank you!
  8. Prezados, Configurei tudo certinho porém toda vez que tento entrar no jogo na parte do char ele desconecta, os unicos avisos que dá no emulador é: [info]: Closed connection from ''. [info]: request connect - account_id:2000000/login_id1:682610846/login_id2:951199121 [info]: sd->version = 25 [info]: Loading Char Data (2000000) O q pode ser ?
  9. @GM Djinsu He told me that there is no provision and that this can be a problem in itself hexed. So he suggested me for now send me the map without the animated TV. EDIT: Olrox gave me great support for the problem that was happening with customer 2012. He gave me a temporary fix to customers in 2012. First-level care.
  10. I have pay for the UFC Strikeforce PvP Arena, but my client always crash after loading 94% on loading screen, can you fix it? And my client version is 2012-04-10.