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  1. I think the usage of (gm)level is outdated and we now will use group_id instead of level. How can I restrict the usage of an atcommand (with bindatcmd) to an special group_id? For example there is a group_id 10 which should be allowed to use the atcommand, but a group_id 20 should not be allowed to use the atcommand. When using bindatcmd "test","acmd_test::OnAtcommand",10; this atcommand can be used by chars with group_id 10 and 20. A char with group_id 20 should not be allowed to use the command.
  2. HeikoS


    Please activate tapatalk, because it is an easy and comfortable way to read this board on mobile devices.
  3. Right, i forgot this. An extra db.table is more customizable then.
  4. Perhaps it can be configured similar to the key "log_filter" in conf/log_athena.conf. For example: stackable_unique_id: 64 = use unique_id for cards (stackable item) But always this configuration has to set carefully because of perfomance issues. :-)
  5. I think the latest update of harmony should fix this fps-lags. Take a look to your harmony customer area.
  6. Bump. Why is there damage from archer class skills like arrow vulcan/shower?
  7. Hello, I have some more feature requests: - function to edit tasks (for additional informations) - usage of charname (first of account) instead of accountname/userid
  8. Oh, it prevents hits/damage from jupitel thunder. But unfortunatly skills like arrow vulcan still does damage. Any ideas?
  9. Thanks a lot, its working fine.
  10. Thanks for this tip. With a poring (ID 1002) it works well, too. I think it will not work with mobs that are made as a sprite-copy via db/mob_avail.txt. So I will change my special mob to a real mob with real sprite.
  11. Hi, i want to have a mob, that will get no damage by skills. I tried this: http://www.eathena.w...ndpost&p=927155 And I tried using parts of the function battle_calc_gvg_damage (in src/map/battle.c): int battle_calc_damage(struct block_list *src,struct block_list *bl,struct Damage *d,int damage,int skill_num,int skill_lv) { struct map_session_data *sd = NULL; struct status_change *sc; struct status_change_entry *sce; int div_ = d->div_, flag = d->flag; //## Mob-Skillimmune START int class_ = status_get_class(bl); //## Mob-Skillimmune END nullpo_ret(bl); if( !damage ) return 0; //## Mob-Skillimmune START if (class_ == 2993 && flag&BF_SKILL) return 0; //## Mob-Skillimmune END if( mob_ksprotected(src, bl) ) return 0; But the special mob (ID 2993) gets still damage from skills like Jupitel Thunder. Does anyone have a idea to make this mob immune to all skills?
  12. HeikoS


    Same problem, only the message "Nobody is selling it now." Does anyone has a solution? OK, it seems to be a bug as mentioned here: http://rathena.org/board/topic/62877-atcommand-whobuy/#entry107407 After reopening the test (for testing purposes only 2 players on testserver) vending shop, @whoseel shows the items.
  13. Yes, it is an example. The other queries will be similar. I did`t finish the complete script right now. It will show the items in the different places separatly, not all together. But you can show, where the items are. My queries will show more informations about the owner and the item itself (refine, cards, etc.) It was just an suggestion. Use the queries which more fits your desires. ^^
  14. There a two more places, were items can be: auction and guild_storage. Also it will be possible that cards are in equipment. I will check every table with a single query. For example (inventory): SELECT `char`.name, nameid, amount, refine, attribute, card0, card1, card2, card3 FROM `inventory` INNER JOIN `char` ON (`inventory`.char_id = `char`.char_id) WHERE `nameid` = '/*[VARIABLE]*/' OR card0 = '/*[VARIABLE]*/' OR card1 = '/*[VARIABLE]*/' OR card2 = '/*[VARIABLE]*/' OR card3 = '/*[VARIABLE]*/' ORDER BY `char`.`name` ASC Replace /*[VARIABLE]*/ with the item-id.
  15. And run your EXE "as Administrator". Sometimes Windows Vista/7 has problems with the user management.