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  1. Mami Tomoe NPC

  2. how to use this diff?

    lol many thanks! i dont know assembly... well,I'll try to review the steps again from the beginning
  3. how to use this diff?

    Sorry for my less information. my client is diffing "Use Custom Aura Sprites" already. Do you appear correctly?? i may be that my way of diff is wrong... EDIT i think that before diff : if rename custom aura to original, aura_effect is appeared custom. but other effect (use same files) is changed, too. after diff : only aura_effect is appeared custom, ----------- I maybe misunderstand?
  4. how to use this diff?

    thanks for advice! as Brynner said, i put custom aura files in same folder with original aura files but, aura didnt change... in my grf, texture\effect\aurafloat.tga texture\effect\auraring.bmp these files are same folder in, texture\effect\ring_blue.tga texture\effect\pikapika2.bmp it seems that I tried the same way that I found by searching...... EDIT: when i renamed custom aura to official name, custom aura was displayed correctly... I've been confused....
  5. how to use this diff?

    Hello im useing 2012-04-10aRagexeRE diffing "Use Custom Aura Sprites" Ai4rei updated but,in game, The original Aura is displayed for some reason... can someone teach me how to change aura sprites???