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  1. include loki launcher.ini
  2. how can i fix this?
  3. and it worked! thanks!
  4. yup 10x already
  5. i cant warp on my custom maps, it works fine on my localhost but when i transfered it in my vpn i cant go to maps anymore what's wrong??? i transfered the same exact files i have in my computer to my VPN
  6. how can i remove this requirements?
  7. hey guys! how can i remove those requirements in my flux CP?
  8. @Euphy, i think yes mine is working >.<
  9. alright i guess i have to update >.< @Euphy any other solution other that updating?
  10. not at all Euphy but i got errors,
  11. what if i want to use the Blessing Skill icon or any other default status icon whenever SProtection is Activated, how do i do that?
  12. then an option will pop like "what do you want?" Falcon Warg
  13. i want to request a all in one one click mount NPC.
  14. what can u say about the fight?