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  1. Here's the script I'm using:
  2. Hi! Good morning / afternoon / evening to everyone. I was testing the Para Market on my server and I noticed something strange. I will use the NPC Madoha as a example: I buy every scroll of Stormgust, Lord of Vermillion and Meteor Storm and even a day after the shop won't renew. You need to buy every item on the shop or after X days it will restock? I check the Paramarket script but it just update some shops everyday, other it just doens't say anything about. It's strange because if you need to buy every item on the shop, it'll cost about 1 billion zenny... I'm using google translate, sorry if there is any typo. Thanks in advance!
  3. How can i make Thor Patcher download files in my github repository? Thanks in advice!
  4. Bump. I wanna remove this too... >-<
  5. I'm trying to apply the changes from the patch Terra Gloria to rebellion skill on my server, i've apllied these changes in the other skills but i can't find a way to add the Desperado double damage buff after using Fallen Angel, i've tried add a buff after use Fallen Angel and... nothing, tried to create a combo (similar to Sura combos) and nothing again... Anyone knows how to add this? Sorry about my poor english, it isn't my native language, thanks in advice!
  6. I've fixed it using ROenglishRE, thanks hazimjauhari90. It really helps a lot!
  7. I'm having some trouble with the quest tab if my client version is 2015-10-29 or newer. When i open, a error called query_quest_tab_episode appears (5 times in a row), also occurs when i get a normal quest. If i change the client version to 2015-09-16 neither shows up. query_quest_tab_episode query_quest_desc I'm using updated kRO data and i've tested with these client version: - 2015-10-29 / 2015-11-04a / 2016-02-03a. Anyone knows how to fix it? Sorry about my poor english, it ins't my native language. Thanks in advice!