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  1. Make sure your hairstyle sprites are saved here: data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·/¸Ó¸®Åë/¿© (for female) and data/sprite/Àΰ£Á·/¸Ó¸®Åë/³² (for male) and the format of the act/spr files must be ID_³² or ID_¿©. And for hair colors, save them here: data/palette/¸Ó¸®/ and format must be like this: ¸Ó¸®0_¿©_ID for female and ¸Ó¸®0_³²_ID for male. Hope that helps.
  2. You usually encounter this problem when you have encrypted your grf file or one of the patches you have added, i.e. may have been run through SecureGRF or the built-in grf encrypting software of Harmony. And as far as I know there is no way YET to view the grf file using the grf builder. (Unless of course you overwrite the patch you added without encrypting it.)
  3. You must add it on the groups.conf, depending on the GM group that you don't want to have the @item command.
  4. Try to check the error message on your map server. And also don't forget that the format should be like this:
  5. Hi, Ibig mong sabihin i-fix na 200 ang required dex para sa no-cast? Or yung casting rate? Kung yung required 200 dex for no cast. Edit mo sa skill.conf Kung yung casting rate, edit mo ito sa skill.conf pa din. Hope that helps