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  2. Hi, I try to use soul reaper at my server, however i found that the 3rd tab is missing. I had patch my server from this pull and recompile the server, and everything load fine The only problem is the 3rd tab is not appearing, is there anything i need to do on client side in order for it to appear? Thanks in advance Recentl
  3. is there a way to show critical damage on player vs player mode? the crit only shows in monsters but not with pvp my pvp only shows pure red damages
  4. experiencing this problem too 2015 client
  5. How to add VIP buffs in this NPC?
  6. where do i put this source code? i want to enable a command which whenever a player enters a woe castle map his mercenary would automatically be deleted. if(sd->bl.m == map_mapname2mapid("prtg_cas03")) { clif_displaymessage(fd, "Mercenaries are not allowed on this map."); merc_delete(sd->md, 3); or this? merc_delete(md, 0);? return 0; } please help i'm running a server and people are abusing mercenaries... guild with 30+ population are summoning mercenaries and using AzzyAI auto attacking in WOE which is making it more harder...
  7. I followed this guide to a T and for some reason the char server isn't connecting? The passwords match on MySQL Workbench, so I'm not sure what I could be doing wrong. Thanks for your time!
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  9. Hello there !!! i can create script open cash shop window with npc ? ,Script.
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  11. you can use this \conf\battle\drops.conf // Make broadcast ** Player1 won Pupa's Pupa Card (chance 0.01%) *** // This can be set to any value between 0~10000. // Note: It also announces STEAL skill usage with rare items // 0 = don't show announces at all // 1 = show announces for 0.01% drop chance items // 333 = show announces for 3.33% or lower drop chance items // 10000 = show announces for all items rare_drop_announce: 0
  12. Hello, I have downloaded this barricade script I wish you could only use the npc once the barricades were dismantled, to avoid barricade spawn EP7_abysses.txt
  13. Olá! Não sei se é a área correta, e se não for, peço a gentileza de transferirem. Sou novo na utilização do sistema rAthena (migrei do Hercules), e me interessei bastante pelo sistema de Archieviments, porém ainda não sei como utilizá-lo. Como adicionar conquistas, títulos, recompensas... Alguém poderia me dar uma luz? Ou possa me mostrar onde encontro um pequeno tutorial sobre essas funcionalidades? Pode ser em inglês, sem problemas. Já adicionei na pasta db/pre-re, mas na hora que concluo a conquista, aparece "<> Conquistado", onde entre os sinais deveria aparecer o nome da conquista. Também adicionei um título na pasta data, apontando essa conquista pra ele, mas este também não aparece pra mim. Alguém poderia me dar um help? Desde já, agradeço a atenção!
  14. Hello! I do not know if it is the right area, and if it is not, I beg the move. I am new to using the rAthena system (I migrated from Hercules), and I was very interested in the Archieviments system, but I still do not know how to use it. How to add achievements, titles, rewards ... Could anyone give me a light? Or can you show me where I can find a small tutorial on these features? I added in the db folder, and also the title code. When I finish, I gain the achievement, but it does not appear in the achievement list, and the name at the top of the screen appears empty (<> Conquered). Where do I add this information? I thank the attention!
  15. Ainda existe a tradução desse item db e mob
  16. Can anyone tell me if there is a script like this or can any script do it if possible? Script: possible to announce when a very rare item is dropped from mvp when it is dead?
  17. I have fixed patch "Enable Proxy Support". You should download and replace file "EnableProxySupport.qs" in "../Patches/" folder.!xEMmWSQb!rY1HkFXAU1zXLR1RDMPWPpHq-zf9PSPnbwOni_qszn8
  18. I'm trying to make a custom BG Queue, but I found it difficult for the command to do the correct check. ================================================================================ In the Script: - script joinbg -1,{ OnInit: bindatcmd("joinbg",strnpcinfo(0)+"::OnJOINBG",0,99); end; OnJOINBG: setarray [email protected]$[0],"pvp_n_5-5", "pvp_n_1-5", "guild_vs3", "guild_vs1", "guild_vs2", "force_5-1", "force_1-3", "bat_c01"; for( set [email protected], 0; [email protected] < getarraysize([email protected]$); set [email protected], [email protected] + 1 ) { if( strcharinfo(3) == [email protected]$[[email protected]] ) { dispbottom ""+strcharinfo(0)+" you can not use the @joinbg command on this map."; end; } } announce ""+strcharinfo(0)+" Entered the BG",0; if ( [email protected]$ == "force_5-1" && getmapusers("force_5-1") == 1 ) { warp "force_1-3",176,62; end; } if ( [email protected]$ == "force_1-3" && getmapusers("force_1-3") == 1 ) { warp "force_5-1",99,103; end; } if ( [email protected]$ == "bat_c01" && getmapusers("bat_c01") == 2 ) { dispbottom "BG is complete, please, wait for the battle to end to participate!"; end; } set @bg15, rand(1,2); if(@bg15 == 1){ warp "force_5-1",99,103; } if(@bg15 == 2){ warp "force_1-3",176,62; } end; } ================================================================================ The script recognizes the line: set @bg15, rand(1,2); if(@bg15 == 1){ warp "force_5-1",99,103; } if(@bg15 == 2){ warp "force_1-3",176,62; } end; ================================================================================ But ignores the lines: if ( [email protected]$ == "force_5-1" && getmapusers("force_5-1") == 1 ) { warp "force_1-3",176,62; end; } if ( [email protected]$ == "force_1-3" && getmapusers("force_1-3") == 1 ) { warp "force_5-1",99,103; end; } if ( [email protected]$ == "bat_c01" && getmapusers("bat_c01") == 2 ) { dispbottom "BG is complete, please, wait for the battle to end to participate!"; end; } Thanks for the help right away =D
  19. Hello, i was wondering i notice that dorma equipment is in game but seem to be missing from mob drops. Is there some sort of pull request that i need?
  20. I really appreciate the work you have done, but the emulator provided by you is missing the script Nightmarish Jitterbug, will it not be difficult for you to add it! And if it is possible to add the Sky Fortress Invasion script as well!
  21. Hello, Today Im just trying to make custom script.. When player input number, he will get the item.. It suppose to work like this : 1 Red Herb 1 Empty Bottle Will get 1 Red Potion So.. If they had 20 Red Herb and 19 Empty Bottle, they can input 1-19 for Red Potion.. But my current script only working when they input 1 only.. More than that, it will shows my Error message.. IDK which part I do wrong.. Please help me.. set [email protected], (countitem (713)); //Empty Bottle set [email protected], (countitem (507)); //Red Herb // Player input input [email protected]; // 1st Error Message if Input is ZERO if ([email protected] == 0) { mes "ERROR!"; close2; end; } // 2nd Error if Input is larger than both item required if (([email protected]) > (([email protected]) || ([email protected]))){ mes "ERROR! Input bigger than item amount!"; close2; end; } // Player will get item if no problem but now stuck with 1 potion only, if input 2 or more will shows the 2nd error. delitem 507, [email protected]; delitem 713, [email protected]; close2; getitem 503, [email protected]; // Yellow Potion end; But if I removed the 2nd error line, it work perfectly.. But player able to get free item as server cannot delitem the required item and shows console error.. I tried use && and || but both shows same result.
  22. you insert all statistics pls? vit, dex etc
  23. you not insert: else: mes: is not good! close; ?
  24. When I saw this map, I had a melody of this song in my mind... [youtube]
  25. @Functor: Yes I've used latest Nemo by 4144. Kindly see attached file for the EXE. it is still on a test patch though with read data folder first.Ragexe.exe Ragexe.rar
  26. Do you use the latest NEMO? If yes - send me your EXE with applied patch "Enable Proxy Support".
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