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My client crash when using rentitem


Can anybody help me?


My client crash every time using a rental box.

After crash i cannot acces my character which one have rented the item.


I have check with the real item which is not from the rental box, it has no problem at all..


I'm really stuck now.. please help me...


For more info i am using RagexeRE 2012-04-10

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What rental box? Custom or official?

What item was rented?

I assume that you dont have a sprite for the rented item.

Things you can do:

1. Figure out what item was rented and its box if theres any

2. Wait until the rental timer is over or;

3. Go to you cp and look for that item if you've successfullt done #1.

4. Edit the rental item that makes your client crash and make it, say, a red potion 504.


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No, it was not missing sprite error... it was official item...

All the rental item cause the client crash...

When i tested to use octopus hunting spear 3days.. the client crash and i cannot login into my character..

But when i use @item with the same item (in this case it was permanent item) it has no problem.

Also when i change the expired time into 0 in sql, no problem to access my character....

anyway thank you for your answer ^^

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