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Paid Service Approval Procedure

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Dear Community,

due to recent bugs in the Awaiting Contributions area, I have come up with the following guideline how to deal with approvals of Paid Service topics: Paid Service Guideline

Thus, the Awaiting Contribution area has been disabled.

If you are still waiting for approval, please read the entire topic and repost your Paid Service topic.

I apologize for the trouble.


Yours sincerely,


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  1. rAthena clientside repo just containing executables there, contributing there, seems makes no sense. There are people share executables that contains 'updated' executables.
  2. Why don't push/force paid servicer to make contribution monthly, my friend told me, in other community forum that provides files that most of files are paid stuff, every month there are bunch of free files for each paid category files.
  3. And then, maybe you admins and higher-ups should review again about this, please check the incoming free files/release on board, wiki history, pull request history, are contributions met their goals from people who provides paid services? If only need once contribution in lifetime, community contribution won't go anywhere even there are people ask someone to contributes but they did nothing (bigmouth only).


I will put my name here but the name same like my forum name, so it will makes no sense except just want to make "wow, look I am cool if I put this line"

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