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r17424: Quest Experience Update

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Quest Experience Update

r17424 / be95412 contains a major fix for all quests implemented prior to the Renewal update.

The problem

rAthena's directory structure, supporting both Renewal and Pre-Renewal, was designed relatively recently; before its implementation, all Renewal updates were applied directly on top of the old scripts. r15060, in particular, overwrote all of the Pre-Renewal quest entries by dividing quest experience by ten -- which, aside from breaking Pre-Renewal support, also resulted in countless errors in EXP rewards, since most Renewal quests do not follow such a formula.

Updated files

Correct Pre-Renewal and Renewal EXP rewards were applied to 25 files:

  • Local quests: Alberta, Ayothaya, Einbroch/Einbech, Hugel, Lighthalzen, Louyang, Morroc, Moscovia, Nameless Island, Prontera, Rachel, Veins, Episode 13.1, Episode 13.2
  • Other quests: Airship, Eye of Hellion, Kiel Hyre, Wandering Minstrel, Juperos, Brisingamen Seal, Megingard Seal, The Sign, Party Relay
  • Mini-games: Hugel Monster Races, Turbo Track
Both Renewal and Pre-Renewal server owners are strongly encouraged to apply this update.
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