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It's supposed EVERY server comes with rentitem built in by default, unless you or your server provider have deactivated it. Look for BUILDIN_DUNC(rentitem) in /scr/map/script.c and see if you have it, which wou'll surely do.


Are you sure you haven't used that script command incorrectly? Correct syntax for rentitem is:

rentitem <item ID>,<duration in seconds>;


Check if you forgot to put the seconds on your script.

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How to activate what? How to make a rented item?


You can easily know if you have it activated (which should be by default), just make and try one of these items and if they work, you have the command on your server.


In case you're asking for that it's simple: just make an NPC or another item that uses the rentitem command. For example:


Let's imagine you have an Item Renter NPC or an item which rents you an Angra Manyu (Item ID#1599) for 1 hour (3600000 milliseconds). Then the NPC or the item executes the following code:

rentitem 1599,3600000;
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OMG that's a scripting command: you don't use it as a GM but NPCs and other items do.


If you're a GM you can create permanent items with @item <item_ID or "item_name">. There's not a @rentitem GM command as long as I know.


Try getting one of those items I showed you before from RateMyServer by using @item and use it. You'll get a rented item.


If you still want a @rentitem GM command try asking for it on Source Requests - I'm not good in source.

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