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Hayate Yoshida

Just A Simple Question About the *.pal Palette Format


This has puzzled me for awhile but: why does it take a lot more time to transfer *.pal files? No matter what computer (fast or slow) I've used, it's still the same, usually it's stuck at around 30-40 KBps rather than the normal 30-40 MBps for any other file type I get on this computer. I always dread having to copy, transfer *pal files because of this.

I hope this is the right section for this.

Thanks ahead of time :).

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Most likely because they're individual files. Compress them, transfer them, and uncompress them if you want it to be faster. Most file transfer programs will open the file for transfer, transfer the file, and close the file before moving on to the next one.

They should compress well, too, as many files are similar if not exact duplicates of each other.

If you're only talking about the patcher, most patchers probably do the same thing -- check one file at a time. I don't know the details of more advanced patchers that would be smarter to handle something like this (with file hashes or something).

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