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r15564: New item_trade.txt flags

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I want to inform you of the two new flags in item_trade.txt from r15564. (Please ignore the "(nor mailed/auctioned)" behind flag 1; that's a wrong comment and will be fixed soon.)

If an item wasn't dropable (flag 1) it was impossible to send it as mail attachment or sell it via auction, too.

We now separated all three flags to be more flexible:

//Trading mask values:

//1:Item can't be drop

//2:Item can't be traded (nor vended)

//4:Wedded partner can override restriction 2.

//8:Item can't be sold to npcs

//16:Item can't be placed in the cart

//32:Item can't be placed in the storage

//64:Item can't be placed in the guild storage

//128:Item can't be attached to mail

//256:Item can't be auctioned

Dear server owners, please make sure to check your custom entries when updating your SVN to avoid exploits.


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