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How to Boost Mob Stats/Attack/Defense Globally?


Hi! How do I boost the stats of the mobs globally to increase their attack/defense?

For example,

Bomb Poring: Str 1, Agi 28, Vit 28, Int 0, Dex 33, Luk 50

Boosted Mob Stats from 1x to 2x

Bomb Poring: Str 2, Agi 56, Vit 56, Int 0, Dex 66, Luk 100

Is there another way to increase their attack/defense besides increasing HP or manually editing their stats in mob_db.txt?

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Well if you better use the mob_db from your Mysql tables you'll be able to do that easily just by running a simple query.

For example if you want to increase Str,Agi,Vit,Int,Dex and Luk by 2x you would simply need to run the following query into your database and it will increase the mob stats.

UPDATE mob_db SET mob_db.STR = mob_db.STR * 2,mob_db.AGI = mob_db.AGI * 2,mob_db.VIT = mob_db.VIT * 2,mob_db.INT = mob_db.`INT` * 2,mob_db.DEX = mob_db.DEX * 2,mob_db.LUK = mob_db.LUK * 2

Using .txt files is very limited, since is very static, and is hard to manage the data efficiently.

But if you still want to stay using mob_db.txt you'll have to change manually each stat in each mob.


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