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Utility: Area Whisper System

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Area Whisper System

Script Header:


// =========================
// Area Whisper    
// =========================
// by pajodex
// Requested by Mero27 https://rathena.org/board/topic/132562-whisp-custom-command/
// ------------------------------------------------------------------
// Mechanics:
//         sends out message to players around the whisperer for about 2x2 cells
//        any one outside the range wont be able to receive the message.
//        sender has the option to increase the whisper range to his desired
//        size by specifiying '#1-9' by the end of the message.
//        sample:
//        "This is my message.#5"
//        That message will be sent to 5x5 around the sender.
//        Only numbers with min of 1 and max of 9 cells will be accepted.
//         Otherwise, the script will be defaulting the size to 2 or if
//        sender did not specify any.
// ------------------------------------------------------------------
// How to use?
//    1. On whisper box (left side of chat box), enter 'NPC:Whisper' as receiver:
//        [ NPC:Whisper ] [ <this is the chat box> ]
//    2. On chat box, enter your desired message and press send.
// NOTE:
//         Message color is set at 0xff6666 by default
//         you can change this to your desired color.

I'd watch out for any interesting script request and might post it here.

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