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Would it be possible to make rAthena work with Archipelago? If so, how hard would it be to make it work?



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Archipelago is a multi-world, multi-game randomizer. Basically meaning, you can find items and progression from another person's game in your own, through a system called "checks". From a google docs they have: "Archipelago is the system responsible for shuffling items generated by individual game randomizers into other games, and maintaining the logical progression of item acquisition across the end-result. All players are able to follow the progression logic of their own game and eventually complete it. This is typically known as a “multiworld” arrangement. Archipelago facilitates multiworld game sessions between disparate randomizers."
As for how to implement it, in the same document it says this: 
"A game requires three things to be implemented into the Archipelago ecosystem: A method of randomization, Some Python code in Archipelago to handle item and location logic, A client implementation to communicate with the AP server"
I already have ideas as to how it would work. Thing is, y'all think it would be possible to do this?
Thanks for reading!

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