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SimpleRoHook - M2E crashes in ntdll.dll

Singe Horizontal


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The M2E plugin instantly  crashes the moment aoe skills are placed, in the form of buffer memory saturation. Does someone know how I could proceed from there as I'm quite ignorant in this field?

EDIT1: While checking the source it appears it is related to the CSkill class having faulty fields.
EDIT2: I narrowed the bug to how the job is retrieved.

intptr_t CGameActor::jobOffset = offsetof(CGameActor, CGameActor::m_job_deprecated);
void CRoCodeBind::SearchRagexeMemory(void)
  CSearchCode CGameActor_Job_use(
    "89***1******"    // mov [edi+234h], eax ; m_job
    "8b**"            // mov esi, [edi]
    "8b**"            // mov ecx, edi
    "e8********"      // call sub_698C70


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