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Enhanced autoattack system

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Allow players to farm legally xp or drop or both on a map while they are away from computer / game.

– Auto heal skill (skill list : Heal, Highness Heal, Potion Pitcher, others can be added on script side)
– Auto HP / SP potions use (Configure min HP or SP before using it)
– Sit / Regen (Configure min HP or SP before sit, it auto stand to attack if hit)
– Auto buff skill (Player can choose between all his support skills, it checked if the player is still under status to rebuff)
– Auto attack skill (Player can choose between all his target or ground skills, if ground, the skill is used on ennemie position)
– Auto buff item use (item list : Concentration, Awakening, Berserk potions, others can be added on script side, player can choose the delay between each use)
– Disallow warp to another map while autoattack running (avoid any issue if used with @afk)
– If death, disactivate the auto attack status
– Allow player to disable auto melee attack (usefull for job that only want to use skills)
– Teleportation configuration (skill and fly wing, ex 1) if no mob meet after x s 2) if low hp))
– Allow player to choose enemies by mob id (+ Allow player to attack or ignore if hit by an aggressive monster not on list)
– Allow player to choose item to loot by item id

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