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Forum Achievements and Badges

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Evening all!

With the recent forum updates comes some new shiny features from IPS. The feature I'm most excited about is the new Achievements and Ranks.

The old Badges & Awards plugin has been merged into the new Achievements system on the forums - I'm sure some of you have already begun to receive additional badges for posting content or uploading a file!

The ancient Ranks system has been replaced with the new one and updated to use the names of familiar in-game mobs. The order is different to the old one and the number of points for each rank has changed slightly, but I can see that some of you are already quickly climbing the ladder!

The following table details how many points gets you to which rank, and how to earn those desirable points.



  • Posting a comment/reply: 5 points
  • Following a content item: 2 points
  • Following a member: 2 points
  • Following a node (forum, album, category, etc): 2 points
  • Posting a content item: 10 points
  • Reacting to a user's post/content item: 1 point for both giver and receiver

There are other methods, but to reduce forum spam I'm omitting them from this list. Remember; spamming the forum will result in Warning Points which may result in your account being suspended.


Happy posting!


Hint: React to this post for a free point!


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