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HP != Max HP on Character Creation


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Any general ideas why a character's HP wouldn't equal it's Max HP on character creation? This might be related to the fact that I went with a formula in base_hp instead of using the job_basehpsp_db.txt file (there is an option to disable it and use a base formula), but I can't figure out why the hp still wouldn't updated to match the max_hp on character creation. Is there a way to fix the issue with a status update force if people can't guess what is wrong?


EDIT: A bit of a headache, but apparently rAthena doesn't connect base_hp (max) with actual hp on character creation by default. I had to go into a completely different file and change numbers for it to work (Associated DB Tables Upon Character Creation - Third Party Support - rAthena).

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Is there code in the source that checks what max hp is supposed to be at lv. 1, so that it can set actual hp to match max hp? I turned off the job_basehpsp_db.txt file option so I could use a formula (pc_calc_basehp, but I modified it), and my characters were starting not with max_hp, but a much lower hp amount. I found out how to temporarily fix it by going into char.cpp, as far as making the actual hp match my max hp for a starting novice, but it seems like it would be a lot easier just to have a formula decide all this -> i.e.- have pc_calc_basehp (in pc.cpp) get read, and then have actual hp be set to match that. This way char.cpp wouldn't need to be adjusted all the time. My current fix doesn't take care of dorams if I wanted them to have a different hp amount, and the same goes for other races when I add them to the game in the future.

Maybe I'm missing something?

Note: I'm not asking for support. I'm assuming my problem is actually a current design feature when not using job_basehpsp_db.txt, and so I'm discussing the suggestion of inserting a formula/function that reads max_hp and matches actual hp to it on character creation. (Though my version of rAthena is quite a bit older, so perhaps this has been fixed already *blush*)

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