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Episode 5: Mob Spawn and Mob Database


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Hello, everyone!

I'm Lynx of SolaceRO. I'm sharing our old database that's worth 1 month of research and application. I used to own SorinRO back in 2016. It's at episode 6 when it died.

In our database, we have corrected the mob stats, drop, and spawns. Please keep in mind that this is not 100% accurate to the official server. 

I have used the following references:

  1. Leaked Aegis files for RussiaRO and MalaysiaRO
  2. WoE and Juno Guidebook (based on PhilippineRO)
  3. Old emulators (Fusion, Vidar, Freya, jAthena, etc.)

P.S. Use it at your own risk. Review the files before implementing.

SorinRO EP5 Spawn & Mob_Db.zip

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